Todd Davis, CEO, Secretary, President, Co-Founder

Mr. Todd A. Davis has been Chief Executive Officer of Endexx Corp., since June 2003 and serves as its Chief Financial Officer and president. Mr. Davis is also the Founder of Rayne Forecast Inc. (RFI) and has been its President since January 2000. He co-founded PanaMed Corp. and served as an Executive Vice President of Corporate Development since its inception in August 29, 2001. He has accumulated 12 years experience in the investment banking industry while working for several small to mid size regional investment banking firms and as an Independent Consultant for public companies in the Chicago area. Mr. Davis has formed and/or been instrumental in the growth of 9 public companies and several private companies. Prior to RFI, for 10 years, he was an investment banker and broker in Chicago; specializing in IPO’s, Secondary Offerings, Private Placements, Trading and Research. His responsibilities include numerous management positions relating to; corporate research, IPOs, secondary offerings, private placements (public and private), reverse mergers and bridge financing. He has been a Director of Endexx Corp. since June March 2002. Mr. Davis holds his BS degree in Administrative Communications, with an emphasis in business, from Northern Arizona University in 1989.